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Nonprofits must compete with for-profit organizations to attract the talent they need to operate, grow, and thrive. To get pay right, you need up-to-date compensation data specific to the nonprofit industry as well as occupational data to determine benchmark jobs and adjust pay to a changing market. Payscale can help.

Top Challenges for the Nonprofit Sector

Workplace flexibility

Following the pandemic, employees want to be able to work from home at least some of the time. Nonprofits are considering location-based pay strategies that can accommodate remote work.

Planning for Pay Increases
Planning for pay increases

After a rough few years with rising inflation and increased opportunity, the talent you are most anxious to keep is also the talent you are most likely to lose if your employees' pay doesn't keep pace with the market.

Attracting Skilled Talent
Hiring in a competitive market

In a hot job market, opportunity is everywhere. Nonprofits need to offer more compelling salaries and total rewards packages to attract and retain the highly skilled talent they need to thrive.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Nonprofits are under increased scrutiny to ensure that commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is observable, consistent, and transparently communicated--starting with pay.

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Payscale gives you access to current salary data that you can cut any way you like it — even by competitors! — so you can make pay decisions right now.

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