The world’s largest employee-submitted salary database

Drawing from 65 million employee-submitted profiles, Payscale Employee Reported data provides a real-world reflection of the compensation market.

Power your data insights from the source

Speed of business

Maintain fast market-pricing with Employee Reported insights

Ahead of change

Keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing market

Breadth of coverage

Fill in data-gaps (such as remote locations and odd job-titles)

Relevant insight

Learn from the perspective of your workers on issues of fair pay

Core features of Payscale Employee Reported data


With Payscale's Differentials Engine, you can adjust pay based on the competitiveness of the labor market in a specific geographical location.


With Payscale's Differentials Engine, you can apply pay premiums for special skills that are incurring higher salary offers and pay raises.

AI-assisted personalized suggestions

Through data science and machine learning, our sophisticated data models customize results to generate insights and personalize pay predictions for our customers.


Meticulous 4-step validation process, with a variety of statistical and validation steps to ensure Payscale data is a true reflection of the market, giving you full confidence and compliance.

See how to take your data to the next level



Month after month, up to 10 million visitors—delivering 350,000 completed online surveys—provide the insights that fuel Payscale Employee Reported data.



To block outliers and multiple submissions, Payscale data scientists combine the speed of machine learning with the subtley of human validation.


Augment & Analyze

Payscale’s propriety algorithm helps you standardize and compare data, making sure you’re matching to the jobs to the correct industry hierarchies.


Match & Deliver

Our MarketMatch™ algorithm identifies potential compensable factors (and the relationships between them) when finding the ideal matches for positions.

Bigger crowds, better sourcing

10 million
visitors per month
5,000 certifications
65 million
salary profiles
3,000 skills
350,000 profiles
added monthly
15,000 job titles
6,000 industries
Employee Reported (and customer endorsed)

You can learn a lot about compensation from the compensated

Demo our employee-submitted database to discover how Payscale Employee Reported data can help fill the gaps in your current understanding of the compensation market. Our short demo will provide you with the answers you need to look at Employee Reported data differently.