Pay Equity by the Numbers



Pay and racial equity gives organizations a competitive edge, and the dramatic changes this year have brought compensation inequities to the forefront of conversations for HR and Compensation professionals. Closing wage gaps reduces stress on HR managers, and engages and inspires your workforce by demonstrating they are valued and well-compensated.

It’s a Win-Win for Business

Committing to improving pay and racial equity is the right thing to do for your workforce, and is also good for business because a focus on fairness:

  • Improves company brand
  • Promotes transparency
  • Attracts top talent
  • Meets legal and regulatory compliance

PayScale is committed to help organizations achieve pay equity goals, and this is a job that calls for PayScale MarketPay, a best-in-class compensation management software that enables fairness and accuracy in compensation practices. MarketPay helps companies achieve equity goals with:

  • Strategic partnerships, including the USC Race and Equity Center, to ensure equality in the workplace
  • A robust platform that includes software, reporting, and powerful
  • Fresh survey data and built-in job descriptions

Download this eBook to learn more on how PayScale MarketPay has the analytic power to help organizations make informed and fair decisions around pay and racial equity in the workplace.