Reprogram Your Merit Cycle



The workforce is undergoing a revolution with more people working remotely and talent being spread out across the globe. This year, as organizations have had to adjust to the new norms, budgets for salary increases have had to be adjusted, showing a decline for the first time in over a decade. It is time for organizations to learn how to turn this new reality into a win for its employees and businesses.

It is Anything but Business as Usual

During a time of great uncertainty, it is more important than ever that employees understand how salary increases are determined and communicated. Leadership and managers need to work in partnership with HR to best determine and communicate compensation decisions to inspire trust and engagement with employees. PayScale Team, powered by machine learning and advanced analytics, is the solution that enables this alignment to happen.

PayScale Team helps organizations to:

  • Get its HR and people managers out of spreadsheets and emails to collaborate on pay decisions in a safe and secure solution
  • Gain confidence that managers have the ability to have conversations of value around pay
  • Streamline decision-making workflows with connected data configured to your organizations needs
  • Have visibility into budgetary allocations and compensation information across the organization

Download this eBook to learn more on how PayScale Team puts the structure in structured decision-making to help you win the merit cycle challenges.