Democratizing Data



Getting compensation right is more critical than ever with remote and hybrid work, pay equity, and new demands for transparency. Having access to validated pay data helps HR and compensation professionals confidently navigate all the workforce shifts that are on the rise.

Making the Task of Pricing Jobs Easier

HR managers and compensation pros need accurate salary data in one easy place to back up pay decisions and help drive better business outcomes. Data Marketplace, a feature within MarketPay, uses machine learning to:

  • Deliver personalized survey recommendations with salary recommendations to ensure pay accuracy
  • Ensure peace of mind through partnerships with trusted data providers of employer-sourced data
  • Provide data transparency and safe distribution of data sources
  • Easily and accurately price jobs that is fair and equitable

Download this eBook to learn more on how MarketPay with Data Marketplace helps organizations discover, access, and apply new pay data when and where you need it.