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Nicole Tessier is the Social Media Marketing Manager at PayScale, the leader in modern compensation data and software. PayScale powers pay decisions for over 23 million employees (and counting!) and hosts the world’s largest continuous salary survey which supports individual’s compensation analysis. Nicole has spent the last 5 years in social media strategy, promotions, and content marketing roles for B2B SaaS organizations, as well as in agency and contract settings. She is passionate about providing and sharing solutions that empower and connect individuals, through the use of technology. Nicole holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Colorado, and has received two certificates from the University of Washington, in Social Media Technologies and Implementation, as well as Marketing Analytics.


A ‘Working’ Mother’s Love

"I had to work and it took our precise time, but it was all for you, precious child of mine." Linda Nyland's book 'This Job’s Not For You' is a poignant account of gender inequity and redemption dedicated to her daughter — for this Mother's Day and always.

Honor Black History Month, Prioritize Pay Equity

For Black History Month, we spotlight the inequity, or unequal access of opportunities, that impact Black professionals. The pay gap between African American or Black professionals and white workers has only slightly narrowed over the years, despite resounding calls for workplace reform and economic justice.  

MarketPay Jobs: An Unparalleled Solution

Accurate job descriptions can serve as a key document in developing a fair and equitable work environment. A job description is a technical document that acts as the backbone and infrastructure of how to do a job well. It covers competencies, abilities, requirements, and is a compliance driven document that informs compensation. To produce effective job descriptions, you...

Illuminate Your People Strategy with MarketPay Jobs

For many organizations, it’s merit cycle season. If you are currently amid the substantial undertaking of this annual program, you are acutely aware that this process is not done in a vacuum. With up to 70% of a business’s operating expenses associated with human capital costs, it’s clearly a companywide effort. The foundation of which, starts with well managed job descriptions.   How is your organization collaborating with the key stakeholders that influence...

Introducing MarketPay Jobs, powered by JDXpert!

Leading organizations know that robust job description management is key to attracting talent with the skills they need to grow their business. A once often overlooked area of Human Resources and point of friction between managers and their HR partners, job descriptions have become an essential function of talent acquisition and workforce...

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Communicating Compensation Throughout the Employee Lifecycle: Recruiting

An employee’s experience with compensation starts at the beginning of communication with a prospective organization, during the recruiting process. And, whether or not you’re aware of it, there is a story being told (true or not) about what people believe you pay, how you pay and why you pay the way you...

What gets measured matters

What to say when you’re asking for raise, and how to say it

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Without Tactical Training, Old Leadership Habits Die Hard

Employees Prize Leadership Training Above Other Learning

Employers focused on training to retain employees

Wanna Boost Employee Retention? Focus on Leadership Training and Certifications


Latina Equal Pay Day 2019

Leer versión en español November 20, 2019 is Latina Equal Pay Day. This symbolizes the day when Hispanic women’s earnings catch up to non-Hispanic white men’s earnings from the previous year. It’s a sobering reality that Latina women earn just 54 cents for every dollar a white, non-Hispanic male earns.  In other...

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The no-no of asking job hopefuls about salary history

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Benefits Industry Newsmakers

The Spookiest Jobs of 2019

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Wage Growth in Cleveland Among the Highest in the Country Last Year

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Rapid growth in jobs and office rents puts Seattle among leaders in top 30 tech markets

Seattle among tech cities shows highest wage growth in PayScale’s latest Compensation Index


8 Spooky Jobs and What They Pay

Nocturnist, Gravediggers and Butchers — oh my! This Halloween season, PayScale presents another installment of spooky jobs. In order to compile this list, we looked at salary data from over 10,000 employees to find out how much these spooky jobs pay. While these jobs may be chilling, let’s remember (and celebrate!) the...

PayScale Index Q3 2019: Mild Wage Growth Across U.S. Despite Record Low Unemployment

Organizations need precise and timely data, along with the capabilities to accurately analyze that data, to make informed decisions about allocating a limited compensation budget. This is important both on the macro level of developing competitive compensation strategies and also on the micro level of determining market-based pay for individual employees. Including...

Key to Closing the Gender Pay Gap is White Male Sponsors

Discovering and fixing unexpected causes of pay gaps between genders and races

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Black Women’s Equal Pay Day 2019

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. This means black women in America have to work all through the year of 2018 and until August 22nd 2019 to catch up with what men earned in 2018 alone. Regardless of their occupation and level of education or years of experience, Black women are still paid...

Millennial CFO of $7B Company: Mentorship key to career path

Study: Workers make more money when a white male advocates for them

Workplace advocates would help close wage gap, especially for women of color

Sponsorships could help close the gender pay gap, especially for women of color

The White Male Mentorship Premium

Survey shows having a white male advocate at work increases pay

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College degrees come with buyer’s remorse

Is a master’s degree worth it? That depends

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Survey: Student loan debts tops graduate’s list of regrets

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UN Women are Working to Eliminate Gender Bias and Close Pay Gap

It isn’t Just Soccer: US Women Still Earn $0.79 for Every $1 Received by Men

3 Ways the Gender Pay Gap is Even Bigger than you Think

They chanted for equal pay. Fans back the U.S. women’s team as World Cup win puts gender pay in the spotlight


How First Time Managers Can Become Great Leaders

After years of being an individual contributor, now is your chance to step up to the plate as a manager and be an advocate for your team. First time managers have been granted the significant responsibility to lead and develop the relationships, work and future of their teams. For some first time managers, this may...

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One-third of Americans say they need a side gig to pay expenses

Women reach their earnings peak 11 years before men and are paid $35,000 less, survey shows

Women reach their earnings peak 11 years before men and are paid $35,000 less, survey shows

Survey finds women reach their earnings peak 11 years before men but make $35,000 less

No significant wage increases on horizon

Survey finds women’s earnings peak 11 years earlier than men, and they earn $35,000 less

‘How Perfect Do I Need to Be?’

Play Fair: Why Women’s Earnings Peak and Gender Pay Gap Matter

In the Right Direction

This is the most regrettable college major in America

66% of US college grads regret their education, study finds

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College graduates’ ‘number one regret’ revealed in new survey

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Two-thirds of Americans regret their college degrees

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Time to fill a position now 71 days

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Your salary may peak sooner than you think if you’re a woman in the US

Employers Less Transparent About Pay, Aspire to Be More Open