PayScale and MarketPay Team Up

Exciting News! PayScale announced it will merge with MarketPay! 

MarketPay, based in Denver, has a unique and powerful suite of applications that offer technology-enabled services for managing multiple sources of compensation survey data to price talent markets. PayScale will incorporate MarketPay’s advanced data management and market pricing applications for large organizations into its line of innovative compensation solutions. Additionally, PayScale will continue to provide support for MarketPay’s On-Line Market Pricing System—utilized by 650 enterprise customers including 200 of the Fortune 1000. PayScale will now have more than 5,000 customers, managing pay decisions for ten million employees at small, medium and large organizations in almost every industry.

MarketPay’s solutions are designed to manage the process of participating in traditional compensation surveys and offer visualizations of increasingly nuanced insights from data related to compensation across industries, geographies and job types. The company supports its services with deep expertise in both compensation management and data analysis, helping enterprises achieve a better return on their talent investments.

“Organizations are challenged to manage more data sources than ever to inform their decision making around compensation. These customers are turning to MarketPay to glean deeper insights from multiple sources so they can compete effectively in hot talent markets and get a better return on their compensation investments,” said Mike Metzger, President and CEO of PayScale. “MarketPay has a proven track record of providing state-of-the-art analytical tools and excellent customer service that allows enterprise customers make difficult decisions around pay. As a result, they’re the perfect partner as we bring PayScale’s modern compensation solutions to global companies that are looking for data driven insights on talent markets.”

This year, PayScale has continued to join important conversations of topics widely covered in the media—pay equality for women, $15 minimum wage, changes to FSLA, and heightened public policy interest in the value of work. Merging with MarketPay, PayScale will have a deeper understanding of what it takes to pay fairly.

For more information, read the entire press release here.


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