It’s Here! PayScale’s Newest Infographic Reveals the Truth about Employee Engagement

From sticks and carrots, to gift cards, to extravagant perks and unlimited PTO—the face of employee engagement is ever-changing. A happy employee is likely to stay—and you’ll pull out all the stops to avoid turnover. Throw in all the fancy perks you want—lunchtime yoga, company chef, clothing fund, you name it—but, if you fail to pay fairly, and talk about it, all of your effort will go unnoticed. PayScale surveyed more than 71,000 employees to study the relationship between pay and employee engagement. One of the top predictors of employee sentiment is a company’s ability to communicate clearly about pay—more important than career advancement opportunities, employer appreciation and future enthusiasm for the company. Want employees to stay? Talk about pay…

Find out how much it pays to talk about compensation. View the infographic here!


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