Three Cool Tech Jobs That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago

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When we were kids, our teachers told us that the jobs we’d have as adults didn’t even exist yet. We of course they assumed they were referring to “Astronaut Princess” or “Professional Pony Namer.” Unfortunately, those jobs haven’t materialized. But some of the ones that have appeared instead are pretty cool — plus, they pay well.

AOL recently did a roundup of tech jobs that bring in the big bucks. While all are worth a gander if you’re thinking about a career change, we were most intrigued by these three. What do they have in common? They’re all jobs that emerged in the last decade or so.

1. Social Media Manager

Perhaps one of the few on the list that are perfectly geared toward recent grads hoping to get their foot in the door at a major company. Social media managers maintain the company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and whatever will be invented next week. As a result, many organizations give (unspoken) preference to younger candidates.

“It made it easier because I’m young, and people assume you know what you’re doing,” said Evan Cunningham, 24, social media manager for Pabst.

2. Mobile Application Developer

Someone has to figure out how to fit the interwebs into your phone. Those people are mobile application developers. If there’s an app for that, these people invented it. ITCareerFinder predicts that this job will be in demand at least until 2020, at which point, you can transition into developing the bionic computer-humans that will replace us.

3. Search Engine Specialist

People who have this job make sure that websites rank well in search engines like Google. The goal is to get your company’s product or website as high as possible in search results for a given term. (Bonus points for the first page.) AOL reports that job ads for this position have gone up 15 percent since last year.

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