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Pay communications are the foundation of employee engagement and retention. Payscale Total Rewards Statements use streamlined technology to add transparency and ensure that your employees can see that their salary is competitive.

Pay Communications using Payscale Total Rewards Statements

Introducing the Pay Transparency Spectrum

Pay transparency is commonly misconstrued as an either/or choice between keeping pay secret and publishing salaries. In actuality, pay transparency is a spectrum that informs your approach to pay communications. Most organisations target being on the upper end of the spectrum where managers use tools like total rewards statements to communicate to individual employees how their pay is determined, where they fall in their pay range and how to grow with the organisation.

Payscale's Pay Transparency Spectrum

Auto-generated and totally customisable

Total rewards statements from Payscale can be tailored to specific employees or groups of employees. They also come with historical views to help managers track the growth of employees over time.

  • Integrate total rewards communications with compensation management
  • Choose from a variety of templates to simplify and standardise
  • Customise information presented to employees
  • Share directly and securely with managers and employees online
  • Access historical versions to help managers track employee progression

Why you should use total rewards statements

Build trust

Employees don't know if they are paid fairly and are likely to assume they are being paid below market.

Increase retention

When employees believe they are paid below market, they are more likely to seek out other opportunities.

Stand out

Organisations with clearly communicated pay policies will create differentiated employer brands.

Services to start improving pay communications

Payscale offers manager training on pay communications and how to use total rewards statements to maximum effect.

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