How, in the wake of COVID-19, Vista used Payscale MarketPay with geo differentials to develop a new employee location-based pay strategy that would support a remote-first workplace and “hire from anywhere”.

Payscale has been a phenomenal partner during the COVID-19 pandemic. After surveying team members on their preferences, we opted to transition to a permanently remote first workforce and were able to model costs and conduct analysis on pay strategies to develop a global approach to compensation with geographical differentials that would be fair and equitable for all team members. Payscale also provided services to help us deliver manager training and communicate our compensation strategy and rationale as part of a pay transparency initiative.”

-Stacey Sutela, Director of Global Compensation and HR Operations, Vista

Where Payscale makes an impact

Salary Data

Technology to access salary data all in one place, including HR-reported salary data from participating Payscale customers, Employee Reported data with geo differentials to inform pay adjustments when comparing locations, and tools to manage traditional surveys.

Pay Strategy Icon
Pay Strategy

Expertise and training on how to shift from an office-centric to team member locationbased pay methodology using geo differentials to price jobs anywhere as well as services to develop pay zones to support global job ranges for a mix of remote and non-remote workers.

Pay Analysis Icon
Pay Analysis

Tools that support deep statistical analysis with customizable dashboards in Payscale MarketPay, enabling analysis of team member pay versus the open market across jobs and by pay zone as well as an easy way to report on compensation with business partners.

Pay Communications Icon
Pay Communications

Support from compensation experts to create materials to help train managers on how to have conversations with team members about pay, including custom-made videos to inform them about the organization’s pay methodology.

Vista presents at Compference

Vista partners with Payscale on a location-based pay strategy and pay communications for their remote-first organization

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Being able to adapt our compensation strategies to the needs of our workforce — and our business — would be a daunting undertaking without proven compensation management software and an experienced partner like Payscale.”

-Stacey Sutela, Director of Global Compensation and HR Operations, Vista

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